Jeff Yaroch for State Representative


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Jeff has strong family values, is Pro-Life, will defend the 2nd Amendment and the entire Constitution, and will always be for the People first!

Fiscal Responsibility: I believe every expenditure should be scrutinized for its value to the taxpayers. To create economic growth and a affordable community, I worked with the Richmond City Council to lower taxes 27.6% from 23 mils to 16.65 mils while still maintaining the quality of life the taxpayers desired. I want to take this same skill set to Lansing to fight for fiscal responsibility, NOW!

Government Accountability: I serve the people. I am committed to being a representative of the people and for the people. The Flint Water Crisis was a total failure of local, state, and federal officials to fulfill their duty to the citizens. I have been committed to ensuring we do our duty for the citizens, and I will do the same in Lansing. I am not afraid to challenge the system.

Jobs and Prosperity: We must maintain a state in which our residents want to live and work. We need to create a climate that allows our youth to get an education, find jobs, and pursue happiness with less government, less taxes and more personal freedom. This is how we honor the promises made to the generations who got us here.