Jeff Yaroch State Representative


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Jeff is focused on the issues that matter to you! He defends the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment, and always puts the People first!


Roads and Infrastructure:  Fixing our roads is my top priority. My first year in office, we approved a budget that eliminated unnecessary bureaucracy to increase road funding. I led the charge to successfully secure $3 million to help with the sewer collapse in Macomb County, which directly affected several communities in our district and threatened the water quality of our beautiful Great Lakes. In 2018, due to conservative spending, we allocated $175 million from last year’s budget surplus to road funding, sending that money to our road agencies for immediate, emergency road repairs.

I am not done working on this issue! We in Southeast Michigan need to join together to change PA 51, an antiquated law that underfunds our more urban areas, including Macomb County. Currently, a major factor applied in funding roads considers the total length of the road, without consideration for how many lanes the roadway may have. Fundamentally, I do not think it makes sense to fund a two-lane road the same as we fund roads with three, four, or more lanes.

To address Macomb County’s road funding issues, I recently introduced legislation (HB 5706) to more equitably distribute road funding in Michigan. This bill would distribute funding according to lane miles as opposed to centerline miles. It is long overdue to fix the road funding formula that makes Macomb County a “donor” county.


High Cost of Car Insurance:  Michigan has some of the highest car insurance premiums in the nation. To lower car insurance rates, we must bring transparency to the no-fault system. The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA), the entity that reimburses car insurers for personal injury benefits exceeding $555,000 per claim, recently announced a 13 percent increase in the fee it charges drivers. We must shine a light on the MCCA to find out how it is calculating its fee. Only then will we know if the MCCA is collecting an appropriate amount of money to cover claims. I support bills in the House that would bring transparency to the MCCA.

I have also introduced legislation (HB 5552) that would allow drivers more choice and flexibility on coverage by creating a new level of coverage. My bill would allow drivers to opt out of paying into the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association by choosing $555,000 in coverage, or they can continue to purchase the unlimited medical coverage required by current state law. I will not stop until the residents of the 33rd District see real reform of our broken no-fault system.


Fiscal Responsibility:  I believe every expenditure should be scrutinized for its value to the taxpayers. The state budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 eliminated unnecessary bureaucracy to put more money into roads. We paid down millions of dollars in debt while increasing funding for local government and schools. I will continue to scrutinize government spending to ensure that the state government lives within its means.


Government Accountability:  I serve the people. I am committed to being a representative of the people and for the people. The House passed bipartisan legislation to provide greater government transparency. The legislation passed by the House in 2017 would make the governor’s office subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and create a disclosure system for the Legislature. We in Lansing should follow the same rules of transparency that local government has had to follow for years.


Addressing Mental Health Issues:  Before coming to Lansing, Macomb County was losing funds under a plan to redistribute mental health funding across the state. I fought to restore $5 million to Macomb County Community Mental Health. Additionally, the Michigan House has made improving mental health services in our state a priority, and through the House C.A.R.E.S. Taskforce, we have begun to pass legislation to address issues with delivery of services to those in our mental health community. I will continue fighting to ensure that our most vulnerable population receives the services they need!


Protecting Our Drinking Water and Our Great Lakes:  Our water is one of our most precious resources here in Michigan. In 2017, the Macomb County sewer collapse threatened the water quality of our local waterways and ultimately, our Great Lakes. I led the charge to successfully secure $3 million to help Macomb County repair the damage and protect our water. I also support legislation that would address those who seek to pollute or extract our fresh water.

Protecting our drinking water is a top priority, and we need to respond quickly to address the risks of PFAS. In December 2017, we allocated $23.2 million to provide testing, monitoring, and technical assistance at more than a dozen sites across Michigan where per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, have been found in the groundwater, and I have introduced, and co-sponsored, legislation to fix and prevent PFAS contamination.


Jobs and Prosperity:  We must maintain a state in which our residents want to live and work. We need to create a climate that allows our youth to get an education, find jobs, and pursue happiness with less government, less taxes, and more personal freedom. This is how we honor the promises made to the generations who got us here.

In 2017, we passed legislation that would improve student access to skilled trades training/career technical education so our youth are prepared for the high-paying, in-demand jobs that exist today. I will continue to support opportunities for Michigan residents to obtain the skills needed to be successful in the workforce.