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Richmond releases water quality report

Richmond City Manager Jon Moore said the city has been diligent in testing their water supply and the results are fine.
In light of the water crisis in Flint and in response to questions from residents about their own local water source, Richmond officials recently placed a copy of the city’s 2015 Water Quality Report online.

At the Feb. 1 city council meeting, City Manager Jon Moore said he not only sent officials an email about how copper and lead testing are handled, but he was also open to any questions they might have about the matter.

“I know a lot of people have been getting some questions from residents and things, and we’ve been diligent in our testing and we also have the annual Water Quality Report on our website now,” Moore said.

He said the report is pretty simple to follow because it provides a breakdown of all the specific tests.

Council member Jeff Yaroch shared his thoughts on the Flint water situation with officials.

“We see in Flint the total failure from the bottom to the top,” Yaroch said. “And it would appear not to protect the residents but I’ve been confident with what we’ve done here.”

In Flint, the process for testing was mishandled because it was done at the starting point of the system and not where it should have been conducted at the user end, Yaroch said.

“I’m aware of it because I’m one of the test houses in the city, and I’ve always felt confident with what we’re doing,” Yaroch said. “We’re on top of it here and our residents are not going to have the problem Flint had.”

“That’s the nice thing about having our own water system,” Mayor Tim Rix said.

After the meeting, Moore explained that when the initial testing for copper and lead were conducted it was on a schedule of every six months. Testing lessened over time, and today Richmond water is tested every 36 months.

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