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Richmond Fire Department seeks FEMA grant for new truck

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Richmond City Council member Jeff Yaroch is pleased with the work the fire equipment committee has completed so far. (Voice file photo)
When a job is done well, it can be nice to take a minute to thank those involved. That’s just what Richmond City Council member Jeff Yaroch did at a recent meeting to compliment the fire equipment committee for its work on a grant application.

“I appreciate the council and the fire department putting up members for the fire equipment committee to meet and talk about the long-term capital outlay and where to get funding to support the fire department,” Yaroch said.

While he noted the work of the committee, which includes himself, Richmond City Council member Jamie Greene, Fire Chief Steve Cooke, Assistant Chief Tom Garant and City Manager Jon Moore, is not done yet, he offered accolades for the hard work done so far.

“There was a lot of work involved for our city manager to get the grant out last week,” Yaroch said. “And there’s an opportunity to get some funding from the federal government for a vehicle. Not sure it’s going to be successful, but it’s important to know this is the first time we’ve applied in a few years.

“This may be just taking the feedback to try and be successful next year, so nobody be too disappointed.”

Mayor Tim Rix then told Yaroch the council is appreciative of the job he and Greene did on behalf of the city council and how they really got things moving.

“I think they were stuck on a mentality of one item and looks like there’s been enough discussion brought forth by various people to get on that bandwagon and see if we can get some major financial help here,” Rix said.

He also noted that if the grant didn’t come through this year, the Richmond department would be on the federal list where they would be aware there’s a need here to replace a couple of vehicles.

Contacted following the council meeting, Moore said the grant being sought is through FEMA and falls under the Assistant to Fire Fighters Grant Program.

If successful, the department would receive a $900,000 grant, which would include the city providing a $100,000 local match. Those matching funds would likely come from the general fund and utilizing TIFA monies, Moore said.



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